How to rent an apartment properly?

Rental of the apartments and houses is a very common phenomenon. Someone rents an apartment, someone is renting a house, but it is important that lessees and landlords acted within the law.

Here we are going to talk about the rules that you need to follow to avoid the possibility to be tricked.

Tip №1. Firstly, do not be afraid to take property without intermediaries. Rumors of scams are exaggerated, especially they are spread by the intermediaries themselves and you can understand why. To avoid cheaters and rent a well furnished apartment it is enough to observe a few simple rules.

Tip №2. Secondly, you need to find the same proclaimings without intermediaries. You can do that online, fortunately there is a huge amount of the websites which provide many various options and you will have a possibility to rent a furnished apartment without intermediaries.

Tip №3. Third, do not pay attention to suspicious cheap options, remember that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

Tip №4. Fourth, require the documents from the lessor (landlord's passport, documents for the apartment, and find out who else is registered in the apartment). If the landlord is an honest person it is not difficult to satisfy your request because, he has absolutely no reason to hide documents from you. And if the landlord begins to bustle, then something is not clear.

Tip №5. Fifth, be sure to enclose the contract of lease.

Tip №6. Always take a receipt when you are paying money.

Tip №7. Do not make an advance payment for a long time, in practice it commonly ends badly. Perhaps the owners of the apartments will not behave very respectfully, because they know that in the next six months you are have no place to go, but it's not the worst example.

Tip №8. If the phone owner said one thing and when you came to see an apartment, you will learn that the owner has hidden some little things and did not say them by phone (meaning that you will spend time and effort to visit him for the demonstration of the apartment, will get the best over those little things which kept silent) it is not deadly but remember that the owner went to the small deception and it has happened from the very beginning, he was not sincere with you and it means that he will always present you with unpleasant surprises.

Tip №9 Specialists near you. One more important factor to consider choosing your new apartment is whether there is any hospital, dental clinic etc next to your house. So, first of all check if there any family dentist near your new house.

Tip №10. Immediately specify the amount and how much you will pay for the every month (light, phone, Internet, etc.). After settling in the presence of the owner record all counters, check that the apartment had everything you need (of course within the agreement) like plates, spoons, forks, frying pans etc. That after the check you have not received an answer to the question if there are any frying pans? The owner will answer no, you know we have tenants usually bring with them the frying pans! While the recording you need to notice the amount of money that you are going to pay, if it is warm in the apartment and you do not have to do window replacement Sandy Springs and be sure that you will feel comfortable.

Tip №10. Pay attention to the riser blocks of flats, if it is dirty and there is unpleasant smell, then here do not live very decent people ad it will not always be calmly, quiet and safe.

Tip №11. Do not go for the home demonstration alone. Take someone from your family or friends. Make sure that you are carefully looking through the details.

Tip №12. Contacting a real estate agency. This version has a lot of positives. All legal responsibility for the transaction is a problem of real estate agency. The agency is responsible for verifying the authenticity of all documents in which landlord is engaged in drawing up the agreement at closing. The database is constantly updated real estate agency, so the information that is provided by the agency, is always current. In addition, the client does not need to waste time and to find an accommodation. He just waits for realtor choose the best option. The main disadvantage of handling a real estate agency - a high commission for services rendered. As a rule, the agency must pay 100% of the monthly rental cost (for example, if the rent costs 1 thousand a month, the agency for the services you have to pay 1 thousand too).

Despite this drawback, most people prefer to make transactions using the services of a real estate agency. It is better to overpay and be calm under all legal technicalities. You do not need to waste your time searching for a suitable apartment. You just need to give the agency information on acceptable terms, tenancy and do not worry about choosing the best Roswell windows company for the installing the new windows. Everything else is done by a skilled professionals with experience and people who know all the pitfalls that may arise in the course of the transaction. The main thing - not to be mistaken with the choice of agency. Turning to the agency must be checked with permitting documents to this kind of activity to find out how much time the agency exists. In this case it is directly proportional to the age of reliability. It is necessary to choose the long-standing, solid real estate agency, which has positive characteristics and references from grateful customers.

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