Real estate in Kalispell

Kalispell is a city in Montana (USA), the administrative center of the Flathead County. The Kalispell name is the Salish word meaning the flat land above the lake. Kalispell is located in the northwestern part of the state of Montana, 34 kilometers from Glacier National Park and 13 kilometers from the Flathead Lake. Through the town there are highways US 2 and US 93.

The area of the city is 30.38 kmĀ² but there aren't open water areas. There are two airports in Kalispell - The Glacier Park International Airport, located eleven kilometers to the north, and The Kalispell City Airport, located in the south of the city.

Kalispell Montana is the seventh-largest and largest population center 180 kilometers around.

Kalispell is the perfect place for those who like to enjoy the beauty of nature. This is a wonderful place with beautiful high mountains, forests, rivers and of course the crystal clear lakes.

This magnificent town in Montana will approach for those people who want to find a cozy and quiet nest for themselves or their families. There are no city noise and emissions, there are only clean air and a population of 20 000 people. Here you can buy the house for $ 200 thousand dollars and the average cost of the rent of house is something about 600 dollars per month.

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