How to move to your new apartment without troubles

The procedure of finding good movers companies can seem stressful. But doing a small investigation is worth it. Just shopping around, you cannot only save your money, but even avoid cheats. Here are some advices to help you get through the procedure.

Firstly, try to find recommendations. You can ask your friends or local real estate agents to help you. Besides, you can look in the phone book for movers companies that have offices nearby.

After that you need to get an in-person estimate of the price of your move. But remember not to rely on any estimate that comes from person who hasn’t looked at your belongings. Don’t expect that movers companies with big-name are the best. Nevertheless, do not get estimates through websites that just offer to “help to find you a mover.” You need to find the mover yourself in order to avoid many scams. And, finally, don’t use brokerage services that promise to find a moving company for you, because they are not adjusted by the laws that movers companies must follow in fact.

After that you need to do the first screening. The time you have a list of recommended movers companies, go online to do background check. Make a search on the websites. As long as movers companies check out in all other ways, the fact that it is not a member of any moving organization shouldn’t rule it out.

Moreover, check the consumer-advocacy sites. Each of these sites has a blacklist of movers companies with a history of client complaints and a lot of tips and general information about the moving business. And, of course, you can do a search using the company name you selected.

So, it is the time to choose the mover. You should be assured about any company you’ve selected. Affirm the dates and details of your move, and be sure you get a signed order for services and a bill of loading. On your moving day, ask for written copy of the mover’s inventory checklist. Give the movers specific directions for getting to your new house, and make sure you have a number where you can find the movers during the move.

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