Kalispell townhouses for Canadians

Kalispell is situated in the north-western part of the Montana state USA. It is the seventh biggest city of the state. Kalispell is the pure ecological place to live as it is located right next to Glacier National park. Since 1976 Glacier National park gained a status of a biospheric reservation. Glacier park is a picturesque place in Montana mountains, right on the border with Canada. Despite the remoteness from the main tourist centers, the park is considered to be one of the most visited tourist attraction in the USA. This park attracts millions of tourist every year by the beauty of its rugged mountains, fresh air and picturesque views.

Due to its perfect nature, Kalispell has become very popular not only among Americans, but also among residents of Canada. As Montana borders with Canadian provinces Alberta and British Columbia, some Canadians prefer to spend their summer vacation in Kalispell, to be closer to a fresh air of Glacier National park. Therefor, many residents of Alberta and British Columbia decide to buy a townhouses in Kalispell.

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